Chili Cook-Off!

Following the morning service October 28, 2018 Corner Stone will be having our annual Chili Cook-Off.

Come, bring your favorite chili (or any crock pot dish!), and enjoy a time of great food and fellowship.

Corner Stone Spiritual Emphasis Week (Revival 2018) Videos

Corner Stone Revival 2018

Below is the YouTube Playlist from Corner Stone’s Revival with Rev. Don Currin.  Please feel free to share these with anyone who didn’t get to see or would like to watch again.  We unfortunately did not get any recordings from Sunday morning or Sunday evening, but the rest of the services for the week are available.

For more information about Reverend Currin, please visit his website here.

How to Send a Message to a Friend in the Hospital

If you want to send a message to a friend or family member that is having to stay at Lynchburg General, please use the link below:

The message you type will be printed on nice paper and delivered by the ladies auxiliary at the hospital.  You will need to know their full name and room number.

This is a great way to encourage those who are suffering and in need of encouragement!