Here are the completed notes from the Sunday Evening Worship Service May 22, 2016:

Apostasy:  To fall away РThe abandoning of the truth, a deliberate rejection of the truth after it is known.

An apostate can acknowledge Christ without accepting Him.  Apostates have received light but not life.

Jesus – Matthew 7:15
Paul – Acts 20:29, 30
Peter – II Peter 2:1, 2

The Apostles informed Christians that Apostasy would come:

  • Acts 20:29, 30
  • I Timothy 4:1
  • II Timothy 3:1, 5, 7, 8
  • II Timothy 4:3
  • I John 2:18, 19
  • II John 7

They may know truth.

They may seem to follow truth enthusiastically for a period of time.

They may identify with a church and become a part of the Christian community.

They may become leaders in a church.

The never believed the truth with an undivided heart.

Tares among the wheat – Matthew 13:24-30 – (An appearance of authenticity for a while)

They are defectors from the truth.

Someone who has known the truth, given some show of affirmation to it, perhaps even proclaimed it for a while – but tragically rejected it in the end.