Praying for a Movement from Heaven

“Prayer has been so much a part of historic revivals that some writers tend to think of revival as a prayer movement”


An extraordinary work of God in which Christians repent of their sins as they become intensely aware of His presence in their midst, and they manifest a positive response to God in renewed obedience to the known will of God, resulting in both a deepening of their individual and corporate experience with God, and an increased concern to win others to Christ.

Pray for the following:

1. Yourself (Be still and know He is God)

  • Confession of sin
  • That God will have His complete way in your life
  • Request that He work in your life

2. That God will give our speaker what we need to hear

3. That God will stir in the hearts of people to attend our revival services

4. That God will prepare the hearts of those attending to be open to receive
His truth

5. As God’s Word is brought forth that hearts will respond in obedience to the Spirit of God

6. That the lost will see their need and receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior

7. That Christians will be convicted of sin, make things right with God, others and experience true revival

8. That satanic influence will be kept from interfering with our meetings

9. For the power and presence of God to be evident during our revival meetings

10. Lasting fruit from life changing commitments