Resurgence, The Ground Work

These notes are from the Sunday Morning Worship Service August 4, 2019

Scripture: Mark 4:1-8; 14-20
Supporting Passages: Matthew 13:3-23; Luke 8:4-15

The Ground Work

The Soil Parable

Parables – Stories about everyday situations used to teach spiritual truth.

  • The Sower – Jesus Himself – by extension all who share the Word of God
  • The Seed – The Word of God
  • The Soil – The heart of the hearer
    • Heart preparation is the first step in preparing for resurgence.
  • The Spirit – The Spirit of God is the driving force in any resurgence

The Soil Represents Various Types of Hearers (4 types of soil):

  • Way Side – Unresponsive People (v 15)
  • Stony Ground (Rocky) – Impulsive People (vv 16-17)
  • Among Thorns – Preoccupied People (vv 18-19)
  • Good Ground – Fruitful People (v 20)

In any given teaching / preaching session there are various types of soil present.

Elements of Resurgence:

  1. Preeminence of the Word of God
  2. Essential Prayer
  3. Thirst for a Fresh Encounter with the Presence of Christ
  4. Prevailing Humility
  5. Recognition of the Holy Spirit’s Voice
  6. Honest Confession of Sin, Accompanied by Repentance
    • The most intense revivals are those where the people get judgment day honest with God, themselves, and others.
    • Personal sins must be confessed to God
    • Private sins should be confessed to those involved
    • Public sins call for public confession
    • What happens in us determines what happens through us!
  7. Resistance to the Enemy
    • The intensity level of satanic conflict increases dramatically in potentially life changing events.

Please visit the Resurgence 2019 section of our website to watch a video of this important message and to learn more about this major event in the life of Corner Stone Baptist Church coming up September 20-22, 2019.